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Monday, November 1, 2010

Lighting Questions

So here is a little quiz about lighting. Any textbooks on lighting should be able to provide the answers to these questions. I will provide them in my next post.

1. Name the three lights in a three point lighting set-up.

2. What does a back light do?

3. What is a hair light?

4. What is the color temperature of tungsten light?

5. What is the color temperature of daylight?

6. What temperature scale is used to measure color?

7. Name one advantage and one disadvantage of open-faced lights.

8. Name one advantage and one disadvantage of Fresnel lights.

9. What is a round screen that is placed in front of the lights called?

10. If that same object mentioned in question #9 has a green frame, what does that mean?

If you provide your answers to these question in the comment field I will grade them for you. These are 10 basic questions that anyone interested in movie lighting should know. If you are looking for a textbook to study to answer these question try "Placing Shadows: Lighting Techniques for Video Production" by Chuck Gloman.

Good luck.

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