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Monday, September 27, 2010

Preproduction The Preacher's Daughter

I'm worried about this project. Last Thursday 9/21/10 production was to have a truck delivered for the loading of the lighting equipment to Houston Community College.

The Production is tight on funds that they are using the filmmaking programs advanced students to staff the film. Only department heads have any real non-academic experience. This will be the seventh project that I have worked on where Real World producers come to HCC to take advantage of this opportunity. Its a win win situation usually. However this production's non-academic production manager is struggling with this micro-budget show.

Back to the equipment truck example. It didn't come until today at 6:15pm. However I have been waiting since Thursday last week for its arrival. everyday. I repeat, everyday they have told me that the truck is coming. So I and the students have been waiting. Today was the make or break since in the morning call is at 6:30am. I have to say that the students stepped up. An empty 24' U-haul showed up and by 9:30pm shelves had been installed and a 5-ton G&E package, was loaded up one of those steep ramps.

If this crop of students steps up like this for the whole show. Any other problems encountered can't be blamed on HCC's filmmaking students.

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