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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Preachers Daughter

For the last two days we have been scouting locations for the film. On this project I will be the Lighting Director working with my friend and fellow cinematographer John Sheeren. The Director/Writer of the film is Michelle Mower, and we will be filming in the greater Houston, TX area. I will attempt to provide information about the technical aspects of camera, lighting, grip and sound recording on this film.
For the past two days for about 13 work hours a day we have been dong a combination of location and technical scouts for the film.
Typically location scouting and technical scouts are performed at different times but due to the availability of certain crew members the scouts were combined. Just so you understand a little of what is involved in a scout we over the two days our little group of 6 to 10 people at different times traveled a over 450 miles around the greater Houston area. That's a lot of travel time and we still didn't lock down all of the locations. If you have a map of Houston we will be shooting mostly south of the city in the Friendswood and surrounding areas and in the Richmond/Rosenberg areas. However we did travel as far away as Wharton, Texas to the south and League City to the Southeast of Houston.
The film is not period but does take place mostly in rural looking small town atmospheres. The Preacher's Daughter is about a recovering addict who returns home, and discovers her younger brother following in her footsteps. And she finds a mission to save him from making the same mistakes as she did.

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