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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Preacher's Daughter - First Few Days

The film has been in production for a few day now and things are moving along. There have been some production problems. Transportation had the wrong pick-up time for a principle actor on the first day. Which caused us to start the day late and caused things to get behind schedule.
On the second day there was some kind of problem with make-up and wardrobe that caused the first shot to get started late. In the middle of the day the generator went down. Turns out that the company that production rented the generator from sent out one that was smaller than the one ordered. The lighting department ordered a 35KW and generator company sent a 20KW one out. When the lighting department turned on all of the lights needed for an exterior set-up they overloaded the generator and it went down. The overload also affected the quality of the electricity that the generator produced once it was turned back on. Good thing that production was close to a building where they could get at least on light and video village working so the day could continue while the generator supply company sent out a new generator.
This is a picture of a branchalorous, which is a cookie or a gobo and is a type of light break-up. The shot was set up with this tree in the background. Just bright light on the tree by itself was not natural looking. This branchalourous makes the light on the tree look like it is sunlight streaming through the trees branches and makes the tree trunk look natural in the back ground.

This is a shot of a lighting set-up in a park scene. The large white square on the right of the frame is a 12'x12' white reflector that bounced the natural sunlight onto the actresses who were sitting in the swings. The overhead material is a 12'x12' Highlight plastic material like a shower curtain, that it translucent and helps take out the glare from the sun light and allows the actresses to open their eyes. Out of frame to the left is a HMI back light that added a nice rim light the the actresses faces and helps add shape to them.

This is a lighting set up inside of the church building in The Preacher's Daughter. Their is a smoke machine known as a hazer that creates a even particle field in the air. This smoke allows the camera to see the beams of light. The lights in the back ground simulate sunlight coming through the buildings windows. Very pretty and beautiful scene.

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  1. Way to Go Billy. Your light was always great!! Dan