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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Preacher's Daughter - The 5 P's

There is a term that I learned when in film school back in the 1980's. It has stuck with me since I first heard it. It is referred to as the 5 P's. The five "P"'s are Poor Pre-production Produces a Poor Production. This film is suffering from it in a bad way. They are in denial. The script calls for maybe 30 to 40 shooting days and they are trying to cram it all into 20 days. With multiple company location moves. Major Hair and Make-up changes that take over an hour to do. Wardrobe changes and a lead actress that isn't available for more than the twenty days of shooting. This ship is in rough sees. Camera, Lighting & Grip are usually set and waiting on other production departments but since they are the visible on-set entity its "G&E that is the reason this show" is running behind schedule.
I wish I knew what cool-aide they were drinking, so I could get some and maybe it would help me deal better with the blame that I have been receiving.

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